Sunflowers are not just a symbol of summer’s end; they are a vibrant testament to beauty and resilience. With varieties that range from the classic golden giants to the more delicate and colorful dwarfs, each type of sunflower brings its own unique charm. Here’s a glimpse into 15 of the most stunning sunflower varieties:

  1. Teddy Bear: A plush, miniature variety with densely packed, golden-yellow petals.
  2. Moulin Rouge: A striking, burgundy-hued flower that lacks the traditional sunflower’s central disk.
  3. Van Gogh: Named after the famous painter, this variety showcases bright, yellow petals that emulate the vibrancy of his paintings.
  4. Skyscraper: As the name suggests, this variety can grow up to 12 feet tall with large, yellow faces.
  5. Autumn Beauty: Known for its warm hues that blend from yellow to deep rust.
  6. Lemon Queen: Soft yellow petals surround a chocolate brown center, perfect for a gentle contrast in your garden.
  7. Velvet Queen: Rich, deep red petals make this variety stand out dramatically.
  8. Solar Eclipse: Features a ring of golden petals around a lime-green center, resembling an eclipse.
  9. Italian White: Offers a softer look with creamy white petals and a dark center.
  10. Sunspot: Dwarf variety, ideal for small spaces, with large heads on short stems.
  11. Red Sun: Bold and beautiful, with deep red petals that command attention.
  12. Strawberry Blonde: Marbled petals transition from yellow to rosy red, a true showstopper.
  13. Giant Single Stem: The quintessential, tall sunflower with a large head and traditional yellow petals.
  14. Sunny Smile: Petite and perfect for pots, these flowers brighten up any small space.
  15. Choco Sun: Named for its deep, chocolatey center with bright yellow petals.

Each of these sunflowers has its own appeal, whether you’re looking to brighten up your garden, attract pollinators, or simply enjoy their majestic presence. Plant a mix of these varieties to enjoy a diverse and vibrant floral display all season long!

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